Adding tags and categories etcThis is another test post to show you a list of posts growing on the Blog page, latest post at the top.

As highlighted in the screenshot here, when you create a post you should also set some other options such as adding the post to a Category – in this case I added it to Hypnotherapy. You can also create other categories.

Also add Tags – these are a comma separated list of key terms that relate to this particular post, so maybe it’s about depression, so you’d add the tag ‘depression’ and ‘hypnotherapy’ and so on.

Also you should select a featured image for the post as I’ve done here – you chose one from the Media Gallery or upload a new one.

When creating your posts, you can do SAVE DRAFT if you want to save it but it’s not yet ready to publish, and when it is ready, you can click Publish. Your post will appear in the summary list of posts on the Blog page at and when you click through to the full post, there will be an unique URL for that post. You can then copy the URL and paste that into your Facebook posts etc, to link back to this blog post. For example, this post has the URL but this is just an instructional one we should delete before we make the blog function available in the main menu.


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