Clifton Practice Research Outcomes Programme

CORP Reports

The Angie Hayes Healing and Hypnotherapy Practice is participating in the CORP International Research Programme, which provides visible and transparent progress charts for individual clients. In time, I will update this page to demonstrate an average progress chart across my entire practice.

This means you will be able to see how well I am performing in helping people to improve and deal with their respective issues and challenges.

Customers are asked to record their progress in 7 key areas of life on a scale from 0-10:

1) Thoughts
2) Interactions
3) Activities
4) Confidence
5) Personal Resources and Strengths
6) Achievements
7) Happiness

CORP generates individual graphs to show your progress and relative change by adding up your 0-10 scores in the above categories. CORP then plots the total scores into a graph for you to see session by session progress (the line graph) and change achieved (the block graph).

The blue line represents Intellectual Control, above which we would all like to be at any time and when we have a minimum healthy perspective in the 7 key areas identified.

Some people reach the blue line sooner, and we then seek to build on those gains to help them not just to get back on track, but to be able to stay on track.

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